Hypnotherapist and Life-scripting therapist Roger Knott-Fayle

"Every single person is a film full of hope and regret, happiness and anger, love and loneliness, fracture and resolution."



There are many ways to resolve the challenges that life throws in our path. 


I use many different techniques to help you navigate your path. I will help you to see your story, and transform your reading of it. Instead of your story writing you - you can find a way to tell  your own story.

I'm a qualified hypnotherapist, working with people to resolve a wide range of challenges.


I have an HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma), and I am a member of the GHR, the CNHC.

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How Can I Help You?


I'm interested in you and your story. I am engaged by each client's unique challenges. 

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I use many techniques like guided imagery, story telling, and NLP


I also use an approach that I call  Story Therapy.  We work together using symbolic metaphorical  imagery to uncover, and re-tell your story.


We will find ways to think about your issues from new perspectives; to help you find inner recources and strengths.

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Let's go on a journey together.