About Me

I became interested in hypnotherapy as a person trying to find answers for myself. In my case I was faced with a chronic disease of the gut that over a 13 year period got steadily worse and worse. It involved many examinations and visits to the hospital which I found very unpleasant and difficult.

I decided to go and see a hypnotherapist to overcome the anxiety that the interaction with hospitals and doctors brought me. What I came to understand was that I was mapping some distorted ideas of authority and control that I’d learned as child on to the medical establishment.

Hypnotherapy helped me to see this, and deal with the actual physical reality of examinations and surgery. It was this experience that caused me to decide to train as a hypnotherapist.

I also work as a camera and lighting specialist in video and film, and I do a lot of teaching and occasional lecturing in various universities.

My hypnotherapy qualifications

HPD - Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
DipH - Diploma in Hypnotherapy
DipNLP - Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
CertDE - Certificate in Discursive Empowerment
GQHP - General qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice

I’m Registered with
CNHC - Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
GHR - General Hypnotherapy Register
NCH - The National Council For Hypnotherapy (licentiate member)

I’m also insured to practice hypnotherapy and, and have supervision meetings to ensure that my work is safe and competent. Like all hypnotherapists I go on courses as part of my Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Hypnotherapist Roger KNott-Fayle