Hypnotherapy - The process

I offer all my prospective clients a free 30 minute meeting in which you can ask questions, tell me a little about yourself. You can reassure yourself as to whether hypnotherapy is the right therapy for you, and indeed whether I am the right therapist for you.


If you decide that we can work together we will have a longer meeting lasting around an hour and a half. In this meeting you can tell me everything about what you are trying to resolve; it's history and the way it impacts on your life. We may also do a little bit of light relaxation and guided imagery so that you can experience what it feels like and feel safe about it next time. This session will cost £60


In subsequent sessions we will explore the issue further through conversation and in the relaxed state. Each of these sessions will last one hour and cost £60


Every now and then we will have a review in which we look back on your progress and make sure that we are still heading towards the best goals for you. 

It's hard to say how many sessions you will want, as it varies from person to person. Most people seem to have between five and ten sessions; some more and some less. I will always ask you if you want to book further sessions but there will be no pressure on you to do so. 

You are always perfectly welcome to have a break and a think. You can also come back for more about the same issue or a different one.


Confidentiality is of course of prime importance, your identity is never revealed to anyone, our conversations are completely confidential. I keep records under lock and key. If our paths happen to cross, I will not acknowledge you unless you acknowledge me first. So you won't have to explain who I am to others who may be with you. By the way I love talking to people - it's not me being stand-offish.