Myths and Fears

What it is NOT

Let's start with an important distinction: Hypnotism for entertainment, and Hypnotherapy to resolve your challenges are completely different. Film, TV and novels usually portray hypnotism.

Hypnotherapy is not psychic reading or fortune telling or mind reading, and it does not involve someone else having control over your mind.

Within hypnotherapy you are not made to do anything, think anything, forget anything, or sing or dance against your will.

It is a confidential conversation that includes elements of trance, imagery, story, and mobilises  the resources within your subconscious.

You define the goal, and the journey that you go on is yours. I am your guide.

Common worries

Some people worry that they will reveal things, or say things that they don't want to. I should point out that this may happen in any talking therapy, and is not any more or less likely within hypnotherapy. All talking therapies involve some degree of emotional or psychological risk taking; otherwise there is no journey. Nothing ventured; nothing gained.

Sometimes people wonder if it will be possible for them go into a trance, or that if they do they will get "stuck" in a trance. Have you ever had the experience of watching a film or reading a book, and got completely absorbed into the experience? In that state you will be unaware of time passing, you'll be in a kind of “bubble”, and what you are involved with will seem very real whilst the rest of the world is at a distance from you.

This is very similar to the trance state. Just as in these examples, if the phone was to ring or something needed your attention you'd "snap out of it” immediately


Hypnotherapy is similar in some ways to counselling,  but uniquely tries to motivate the resources of your subconscious in order to resolve your challenges. Hypnotherapy combines talking therapy with hypnosis to help deal with a range of issues such as anxiety, stress, phobias, performance, and compulsions.