My Story Therapy

"Thank you so much for the story. It really resonates, and fits exactly with how I can see the situation now. . .I have certainly lost all that anger and tearful response to the situation. Just presenting it in a linear fashion gave me a new perspective.

The experience has been very pleasant, you hit the right tone for me, of interesting conversation, in a comfortable, calm and relaxed atmosphere, with a kind and friendly person, without it seeming like directed intervention by a therapist."


With the permission of the author Angie Palmer

What is this?

We all have stories that define us. Some of these stories are told by ourselves about ourselves, some are told about us by others, and some are told by us about others. I think certain stories become something deeper, more like a little program that runs in our minds. Some of these stories are positive and useful, but some are not, and actually define the way that we react to certain situations.


My Story Therapy is an approach that is based around uncovering and examining the “story” behind the issue.

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My Story therapy involves three distinct phases


1) Uncovering or discovering the story


2) Examining the story; for example “Is it true?” “Who is the author of this story?” “How has this story developed through time?”

3) Rewriting the story often using metaphor and symbol to create an equally true but more positive telling of that story.



It's my belief that many people are worried about hypnotherapy. It's often confused with stage hypnotism, and people fear that they will loose control, or do or say something they don't want. There's also a fear of relinquishing control. All of these are untrue, but nevertheless the fear persists, largley due to the way hypnotism is represented in films, books and on TV.


In My Story Therapy you are not in a trance, and so the fear of hypnosis can be forgotten. It is possible to help you focus your  imagination without hypnotism.


I was struck by the stories that lay behind the issues that clients were trying to resolve. I also noticed that when I told people imaginative and metaphorical versions of thier stories they found it very cathartic and beneficial. I started to wonder whether it would be possible to encourage the client to unearth and discover their own story, and rewrite in a more positive way.


Because of my background in the creative arts and film, I have a lot of experience about how stories work. I started to wonder if the two areas of my knowledge - story telling and hypnotherapy- could be brought together.




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